DeAna Digioia

Like many artists, DeAna’s love of art began naturally at an early age with a famous artist in her lineage encouraging her. Born and raised in Southern California, awarded several art scholarships, DeAna went on to study Interior Design, of which she was highly successful. ” My soul wanted me to go back to drawing and painting”, and that is what she has been doing ever since she sold her Interior Design business.  “I have been a professional artist for more than fifty years. I work intuitively, and my paintings reflect personal history as well as the reflections of every day life. Watercolors are the internal map for me finding the way to life’s precious captured moments.” Some paintings have taken her over a year to complete working with layer over layer of color. DeAna is a member of the San Diego Water Color Society and has had several individual shows and is the recipient of several awards.

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