Christine Albert

I’ve lived most of my life in San Diego, California. And for 30 years I taught in various capacities in the San Diego City Schools. During that time I was fortunate to be able  take a leave for several years and study art at SDSU.  It was a fascinating time. Modernism verses Post modernism were heavy topics. Conceptual art was challenging the art world. The on-going question of “WHAT IS ART?” became the center of many discussions. 

When I returned to teaching, I was in two different worlds. I filled my classroom with  creative endeavors, in art as well as creative thinking . In my other world I spent my weekends at the easel. As time went by, a strong focus developed. And now, after retirement I am seeing a consistency of what drives my art. 

I am intrigued with imagery that has the capacity to resonate conflicting interpretations. An image that presents dualities or oppositional qualities are my favorites. However,  it is not always obvious. I use compositional manipulations to offer these possibilities for the viewer.

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